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Probation becomes a full member completely application
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Of respect appoint leader:
I am in charge of at will entering lake day developing zone two years on April 1 appoint meeting, according to the need of the unit, pursue secretary job in the office at present. To today, probation of a year is full already, basis the regulations system of my appoint, apply for to turn now for the canal appoint can formal employee.

Serve as to cross the youngster that job of company of state-owend enterprise, civilian battalion experiences only, work to service first, once played to the humanness of the unit, working program has some of bewilderment indeed, but the culture details of deal with concrete matters relating to work of the working atmosphere with comfortable and harmonious unit, solidarity, especially appoint the leader's care and the enthusiastic help that the branch works in the same place, made me very fast complete the transformation of working part.

Come one year, I ask strictly all the time oneself, do each job that good leader assigns in time seriously, it is leader help sb to get over a difficulty actively at the same time; Major and the problem that are not major to go up not to understand are modest consult to staff study, rise ceaselessly enrich oneself, hope can as early as possible take charge of a department alone, make larger contribution for the company. Of course, the unit is joined first, hard to avoid appears a few small poor small faults need to lead point out mistakes so that they can be corrected; But before the ancient bronze mirror of the thing, the division of funeral affairs, these experience also make me ceaseless and mature, consider more comprehensive when handling all sorts of issues, put an end to the happening of similar error. Here, the leader that I want specially to thank a branch and colleague are how-to to mine with the help, the error that in thanking them to work to me, appears offers the make a comment or criticism of faithful earnestly.

Will to here work, no matter my biggest results nothing is more... than is respecting state of industry drive, thought, still got on ability of business quality, job very great progress and rise, incentive I am ceaseless in the job advancement and perfect. Here I put forward to become a full member application, adjure a leader to continue to exercise his to me, the opportunity that realizes ideal. I can use modest manner and full enthusiasm to had done my own job, for the canal appoint can create value, look into good future!

Your's sincerely salute