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Translate personnel resume model for painting
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Him general situation

Full name: XXX sexual distinction: Female

Nation: Chinese political appearance: Member

Record of formal schooling (degree) : Undergraduate course major: English

Connect a telephone call: 0755-12345678 mobile phone: 1390001234

Contact an address: Division of cropland of Shenzhen city blessing is deep south postcode of highway XX date: 518028

Email Address: XXXXXXX@sohu.com;XXXXXXX@163.com

Educational setting

Graduate school: Hunan university 1993.9- - undergraduate course of major of English of foreign trade of 1997.7 science and technology

Additional: Other groom circumstance

Minor Japanese and tourist guide

Undertaking accountant takes an exam registered now

Working experience

*1999.4---Up to now limited company of technology of Si Zhuang of Mu of A of Mu of Sino-US and joint-stock surname

Interpreter / general manager secretary

Processing general manager is all and day-to-day general affairs / the technology that the spot translates the United States to just carry out chief inspector grooms and business is extended / accompany support of beautiful square technology to undertake spot job coachs / arrangement organization company runs a meeting and make meeting Wu translate

*1997.10---1999.4 in luck brings limited company of fire control electron in joint-stock Beijing

Foreign nationality produces manager assistant

The international of responsible Switzerland, Germany and Hong Kong area purchases business / translate document of contract of all sorts of production technologies, business affairs / assistance carries out an electron yuan indigenous chemical industry makes parts of an apparatus or appliance / organization, harmonious production is departmental door conference, assume interpreter job

Individual brief introduction

I myself adaptability is strong, responsibility heart is strong, assiduous and indefatigable, have good group mind. After be engaged in old interpreter and negotiation, assistant working, accumulated substantial foreign trade professional work and experience of international trade negotiation and outstanding English ability of oral, written expression. Can operate all sorts of office software and facility adroitly, with the demand that;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to modernization handles official bussiness.

Give me the chance please, I am sure to return you in order to seize purpose glorious.

This person disposition

Optimistic, modest, self-discipline, self-confident (according to him circumstance) .

Additional: The most important is ability, believe you can feel I am the appropriate person selected of this position!

Expect the interview with you!

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