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The network safeguards a resume pattern plate

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Contact an address: Beijing east ave of XX of the city zone 10 postcodes: 100007

Email Address: Beep-Pager: 66881122-1234

Educational setting

*1992.9---Institute of project of 1996.7 Beijing information obtains communication to fasten baccalaureate

*1996.1-1996.7 fastens design of the graduation that finish in project of Tsinghua university electron

Additional: Other groom circumstance

Government of *SUN Solaris2.4 system and advanced user groom

* Cisco Scaling Multi-layer Lntranet(Layer 3 Switch)

Operation of *IBM network product grooms: ATM switching equipment (8265/MSS, 8285) , road of local area network by switching equipment (8273/8274) , road by implement

*IBM network grooms senior class: ATM(8260, 8265, MSS.PNNI, MPOA) , road of local area network by switching equipment (8273/8274)

*ECI TELECOM network is designed (Frame Relay)

*ECI TELECOM product (NFX 7500, 7300, ) of 7100Frame Relay switching equipment, (The network receives product NFX500, 400)

* passes national university English 4 class and 6 class exam, have fluent spoken English to convey ability

Working experience

*1998 year in May---Up to now XX company

Network system engineer

The technology of product of network of ● Cisco, IBM supports

Network system program (local area network and wide area newwork) design and program, solve the doubt of the user, offer optimal solution according to user demand; The spot of product of network of Cisco, IBM is debugged and the system is safeguarded

● client technology grooms, the technical communication that reachs company interior and groom

Network fundamental reachs a technology: LAN, WAN, TCP/IP, ATM, and equipment of network of Cisco, IBM debugs a process; Explain government of IBM AIX basic system and advanced system government, Netview,


The project that ● once participated in

Design, installation, debug " Jilin 97 projects "- - network of ATM of system of general management of Jilin province telecommunication and lead plane system, changsha cigarette plant, bank of collaboration of bright and beautiful city, people teachs press information system; Information of office of post and telecommunications of design Yunnan province is compositive system, broadband of ATM of Jinan wide report is integrated net of business net, broadband of Shaanxi cable television

*1996 year in September---In March 1998 XX company

Systematic manager / engineer

The system of center of news of network of ● CHINAGBN Internet manages

Operating system of adroitness control UNIX(SUN Solaris) , network manages and participate in established center of CHINAGBN Internet network (include network design, install a system, adjustment, safeguard, network process designing)

Net of bridge of ● CHINAGBN gold the construction of site of 6 cities network

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