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Shanghai essence circle in the air plastic pattern limited company- - product pr
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Product project (number of invite applications for a job: 1)
Major of invite applications for a job: Do not be restricted to be versed in oppose resembles: Full-time
Monthly pay: The face views requirement sex: Male
Age requirement: 18- - requirement of 30 years old of record of formal schooling: Do not be restricted
Working area: Experience of Shanghai Shanghai work: Do not be restricted
Requirement of registered permanent residence: Do not be restricted
Issue date: 2008-10-21 15:55:53 period of validity: 90 days

Specific requirement and pay:
Requirement: Position description:
1. mechanical design and make / car project and relevant major.
Component of car of requirement of 2. work experience is designed / development, at least two years of above, have a success to taste development project experience newly, and manage working experience at least 3 years from thing project.
3. adroitness masters knowledge of system of quality of project management knowledge, TS16949, be familiar with APQP, PPAP and the special demand that have a client, have automobile industry relevant cultural background, familiar company has the main technology of the product, be familiar with the production cost of product of be assigned personal responsibility for and development cost to form.
The administrative new product that 4. can use system of project management knowledge develops a project, use PROJECT of project management software and software of commonly used office adroitly.
5. has stronger organization, communication chime to move capacity, stronger project venture consciousness, stronger study capability, have global idea.
6. English is good;
Working duty:
1. and supplier undertake the technology communicates the job, undertake the product is improved.
2. organization evaluates a product to develop proposal book, ensure the project develops the integrality that inputs a data, the organization weaves feasibility analyses a report.
3. is in charge of cost of work out product and the budget that develop cost, undertake monitoring.
The sample that engineer of 4. organization product offers to the client, digital-to-analogue and blueprint undertake evaluating, opinion feedback gives a customer or sell evaluation the branch.
5. is in charge of the technology design of the product, file of craft of work out flow, undertake dogging to producing operation, directive.
Of 6. tissue trial production and project check and accept, turn over, ensure the integrality that delivers a data, be in charge of to the settlement of bequeath problem.

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