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Shanghai brilliance of the rising sun and environmental engineering limited comp
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Project manager (number of invite applications for a job: 2)
Major of invite applications for a job: Do not be restricted to be versed in oppose resembles: Full-time
Monthly pay: The face views requirement sex: Male
Age requirement: 18- - requirement of 30 years old of record of formal schooling: Do not be restricted
Working area: Experience of Shanghai Shanghai work: Do not be restricted
Requirement of registered permanent residence: Do not be restricted
Issue date: 2008-10-21 16:51:50 period of validity: 90 days

Specific requirement and pay:
Requirement: Position description:
1, record of formal schooling of above of mechanical and chemical industry, relevant professional undergraduate course, have experience of work of 5 years of above;
2, the management that can be engaged in design of engineering budget, engineering and construction personnel independently;
3, software of cartography of skilled operation CAD and Office office software;
4, letter of intelligence of hold project manager or class of just a little make division intelligence letter;
5, have very strong study capability and mind of communication ability and group;
6, humanness is just sincere letter, can suit be away on official business;

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