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Shanghai Fu Yuean accuses limited company- - accountant
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Accountant (number of invite applications for a job: 3)
Major of invite applications for a job: Do not be restricted to be versed in oppose resembles: Full-time
Monthly pay: The face views requirement sex: Male
Age requirement: 18- - requirement of 30 years old of record of formal schooling: Do not be restricted
Working area: Experience of Shanghai Shanghai work: Do not be restricted
Requirement of registered permanent residence: Do not be restricted
Issue date: 2008-10-21 15:21:36 period of validity: 90 days

Specific requirement and pay:
Requirement: Position description:
1, record of formal schooling of accounting major above, 25 years old of above, the experience of work of accountant solid Wu of 3 years of above;
2, program of familiar accountant business accounting, have card of accountant mount guard;
3, can finish independently from proof of charge to an account, detail Zhang, work related all and daily accountant that general ledger declares dutiable goods to forms for reporting statistics, the accounting system of familiar country and tax law set; Familiar bank business and declare dutiable goods flow;
4, humanness is honest, thinking is nimble, the work is painstaking heart of patient, responsibility is strong, stronger human communication technical ability;
5, spirit of rich group efforts and excellent ego management and study ability, solve problem ability;

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