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Workplace gossip: Shanghai Talent can be extended to pensioners
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From October 1, the change in the country under the premise of the statutory retirement age, all kinds of talents in Shanghai enterprises can apply for pension proposed delay, delay age of men is generally not more than 65 years of age, women are not more than 60 years of age. Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau has issued a "delayed for various categories of flexible employment procedures for applying for the pilot views the basic pension," which also means that Shanghai started to explore flexible work late to apply for pensions.

According to reports, China's retirement age policy was developed last century, the early 50's, made in 1978, and reiterated that the retirement age for male workers 60 years of age, 55 years female cadres, women workers 50 years of age. Shanghai statutory retirement age in the country under the premise of not adjusted, active exploration of flexible working for the delay in applying for pensions play a role in all kinds of talents and enhance personal pension insurance benefits are of great significance.

"Trial Opinion" will be various categories of personnel were included in the implementation of the flexible range of delay to apply for pension objects that participate in the city in the urban pension insurance companies qualified staff with professional and technical positions, with technicians and senior technicians and skilled personnel certificate Enterprises need to others.

Meet Tiaojian personnel to reach the mandatory retirement age in line to receive the basic pension in the city conditions, such as the needs of enterprises, the I apply for a consensus with the business after the delay to apply to the basic pension. Workers reach retirement age, termination of labor contract law. Delay in applying for the pension business and personnel related work can be negotiated and signed agreements.