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The third quarter of bull s talent and Decoration
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The rapid development of real estate construction, so that the growing industry needs decoration, showing a good market prospects. Involved in building decoration industry, building materials, light industry, textile, chemical, mechanical and electrical and other industries, the industrial chain is longer, higher degree of social concern, not only has become the construction industry, housing industry, new growth points, and has become a national economic and social development growth. Therefore, the design, material selection, construction, testing with different expertise and skills demand side and more widely.

Network of excellence, according to United's network of excellence building data show that the first quarter of 2010, demand for talent and Decoration rose 31.5% in the second quarter grew 43.7% in the third quarter, an increase of 60.8%. Career guidance experts linked network of excellence expected in 2010, demand for talent decoration industry will exceed 50% year on year growth, which, hot jobs interior designer, design director, project manager jobs in 2010 year on year growth in demand will reach 100% or more.

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, a huge talent gap

80s of last century reform and opening up, domestic demand outside the guidelines, to the Chinese decoration, interior design development set a good environment; 90 high-rise commercial buildings, the construction of high-level restaurants, hotels interior design and decoration led to the development team; into the new century Since the Olympic Games, World Expo, the Asian Games and other major international events held in public buildings for the urban construction and development to bring new vigor and vitality, but also to bring a decoration industry, new development opportunities.

2008 financial crisis, post-crisis era in 2009, resulting in decoration industry slowly forward in two years, corporate human resources needs of the state became unstable, with growth also declined in 2009, an increase of demand for qualified personnel maintain the highest about 35%. In 2010, the financial crisis gradually away, the demand for enterprise talent increasing month by month, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other areas of the business demand continues to climb. With the national macro-control planning and building gradually saturated tier cities, second-tier cities and Decoration began warming up, especially the first half of 2010 "Yangtze River Delta area plan" is approved, the development of Jiangsu and Zhejiang area of the city brought a new an opportunity to grab talent war kicked off in the second-tier cities.

Building network of excellence latest data show that for 3 consecutive years, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong to the demand for the decoration decorative top three talent, but talent gap has expanded each year. The first quarter of 2010 in Beijing and Decoration talent demand grew 38.9% in the second quarter grew 49.2% in the third quarter grew 56.4%, experts predict will be the fourth quarter grew more than 60%. January 2010, February, March chain growth is not obvious, in April, May, June chain growth more prominent, July, August, September chain growth and stabilized state. Decoration in Shanghai rose to the demand class of the fastest growing, demand for talent in the first quarter grew 45.1% in the second quarter grew 58.3% in the third quarter increased by 67.5% year on year, experts predict an increase to the fourth quarter may reach 70%. Guangdong is the demand for talent decoration needs the most stable region, every quarter, an increase in the basic rate of 30% to 40%, the monthly increase in the chain from 10% to 30%. Meanwhile, the second-tier cities, accelerating the pace of development, especially in Suzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Tianjin, Hebei and other regions of the human scale of demand growth is almost flat with the Guangdong region, some areas have started over the trend growth rate of Guangdong Province.