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Shanghai "residence New Deal" announced the New Deal interpretation of the five
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Shanghai Municipal Government will hold a special press conference to introduce the "Shanghai residence permit holders who bid for permanent residence in Shanghai pilot scheme" and "Rules" of the main content. 16 evening, the Shanghai Institute of Public Administration and honorary director of human resources, researchers told Xinmin Shen Ronghua interview that there was no need to worry about over-expansion of the population of Shanghai, the "rules" introduced, a top leader in Shanghai "Wisdom", a "vision."

Point one: Shanghai's "household registration New Deal", National Talent Development Plan for exemplary and leading role played.

Xinmin Net: We know that you are of central long-term personnel planning issues, would like to ask you, in the country's long-term planning, Shanghai's household registration policy experience will have a nationwide talent planning what kind of impact?

Shen Ronghua: For a long time, Shanghai, with superior geographical location and rich human resources ahead of other cities. But a few years ago, the Shanghai personnel to a "weakening" of the trend. Studies have shown that Shanghai is not only talent gap between big cities and the Western developed countries, clear, and Beijing in China have gradually been exceeded. Accordingly, Shanghai's "household registration New Deal" for the Shanghai talent development opportunities, especially in Shanghai and long-term talent development planning framework first proposed in the country was basically completed by 2020, the world's talent highland, accelerate the pace of international talent, it is personal development plans across the country played an exemplary and leading role.

Second point: the construction in Shanghai, "Two-center" background, Shanghai issued residence "rules", will usher in a new upsurge in talent development.

Xinmin Net: We note that the details of household registration reform is in Shanghai Shanghai building "dual center" introduced the background. In the new round of reform, Shanghai is undoubtedly the "leading", and in the future with the development of Shanghai, high-end talent market will continue to "expansion." What are your high-end Shanghai introduction of foreign talents, what the financial views and suggestions?

Shen Ronghua: Building in Shanghai, "Two-center" background, Shanghai issued residence "rules", will usher in a new upsurge in talent development. Because the problem is the talent and institutional issues and industry are closely linked, without a good system there is no gathering of talents, there is no talent there is no industry concentration. Conversely, if there is no industry and only qualified personnel gather, or human resources system and environment is not good, then the talent will not be the effect of agglomeration emerge. Now, these three problems, are facing a rare opportunity. Construction of Shanghai must use "dual center" of the opportunity, deepen the reform of household registration system, the introduction of high-level overseas talented people to enhance the core competitiveness of Shanghai city urgent strategic task, effectively grabbing level.

Point three: over-expansion of the population of Shanghai is not necessary to worry.

Xinmin Net: Earlier commented that the household registration policy is the key to "capacity" and "credits" to your household policy rules learned view of Shanghai, Shanghai every year to control the number of new accounts more appropriate? Please analyze the specific reason.

Shen Ronghua: Some critics say that Shanghai is the key to the household registration policy "capacity" and "amount", this statement challenges. I think the fear of over-expansion of the population of Shanghai is not necessary. All along, Shanghai on account of the migration are under control more stringent, but the size of the resident population growth has not been slow or stagnant. In fact, in a market economy, market forces alone will be over-expansion of the endogenous mechanisms regulating the city. This is because, with the expansion of city size, urban land prices and the cost of living will rise accordingly, so curb further population transfer.

Point four: The "Rules" issued for construction of a modern international metropolis Shanghai to provide sufficient "brain drain."

Xinmin Net: The introduction of the "residence permit for permanent residence" if asked for details of your opinion, please talk about your comments on the introduction of the "fine" view and evaluation.

Shen Ronghua: The "rules" introduced, senior leaders of Shanghai as a "wisdom", a "vision" that can bring new ideas, so that it can build a modern international metropolis of Shanghai to provide sufficient "brain flow . " Opportunity to use the world financial crisis, release the restrictions household registration system, at least in the recent release of the personnel constraints, strongly encourage knowledge migrants, skilled migrants, the city of Shanghai enhance the international competitiveness of priority.

Point five: the household registration system will review the transition to the registration system, so that the household registration management function regression based.

Xinmin Net: According to your observation point of view, Shanghai in the future of the personnel security policy, what you have comments and suggestions?

Shen Ronghua: I think the immediate abolition of the current household registration system to be unrealistic, but the 21st century will not be the household registration system has been right there. Because of the gradual elimination of urban-rural dual structure is the trend of the future development of our country, in fact, is to gradually weaken and peel residence behind the "identity" and the welfare implications. The transition from the household registration system to audit the registration system, so that the household registration management function regression based.