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Web games fire leaving a shortfall of talent with high salaries
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December 4, Analysys International released the latest issue of the online game research data, web games expected domestic output in 2010 will reach 2.88 billion, compared with last year's 1.296 billion yuan, an increase of 122%, while Web game market size in just three years grew by more than 30 times. Web games are in full swing now, not only Tencent, Thunder, Thousand Oaks strong entry, Shenzhen has also appeared hundreds of development teams and companies to carve up the pie. However, insiders pointed out that Shenzhen, in addition to a few large game companies, the scale is smaller, but also lack the appropriate operating platform. At present more than 180 web games companies, including nearly 50 in Shenzhen, in addition to numerous small development team. But the Shenzhen G am eG am e Anime training center President Wang Yang pointed out that "compared with Guangzhou and Shenzhen lack of downstream operating companies. From the whole, in addition to the development of the upstream business, but also operational platform to support its market development . Meanwhile, Shenzhen number of pages to game development companies are outsourcing, team-based commitment to the project, that is, Shenzhen has not formed a complete industrial chain. "(Southern Metropolis Daily, Southern Metropolis www.nddaily.com SouthernMetropolisDailyMark Network) Meanwhile, the Shenzhen Technology Association and vice president of Internet applications, said Zheng Yujie, web game technical threshold is relatively low, investment is not large, the strength requirements of the team is not particularly high, two or three months to push a new product, which leads to market is extremely competitive, "a single very large number of web games, and the relatively short life cycle, most updated every six months to a year, now popular game, may be withdrawn from the market after one year, can withstand the test of time only a few paragraphs. " And Wang Yang believes that the threshold will be more web games, and therefore the development and operation period will be longer. As compared with traditional online games, web games screen performance capabilities, gameplay will be the server equipment, network bandwidth limitations. But these conditions are ripe, on the one hand the requirements of the consumer web game will be more and more, on the other hand, firms must develop more advanced products, "the playability of the game there will be more and more into content, the whole cycle will be extended. " It is understood that the more well known browser game Shenzhen enterprises Seventh Avenue, eight Chak, several, and they launched web games, the longest, but also about 1 year. Zheng Yujie that web games on the market now and the first stage shuffle, the lack of strength of the company or team, if not keep up with the pace of the game updates may be rapidly eliminated, which is in Shenzhen web games industry structure, it may is more downside. In addition, unlike traditional online games web games, consumer awareness is still at a very low level, "a layman, and even traditional games developers, web games do not really understand much practical experience with the talent in this area is rare. "Wang Yang said," Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta to do enterprise web games, often down to the conditions of low pay to a high level, it is difficult to recruit appropriate personnel. "