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Recruit overseas talents of national policy incentives and new tactics
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Vigorously the introduction of overseas talents, is the central spirit of the Seventeenth Party Congress according to co-ordinate domestic and international situations, and better implementation of this strategy, building an innovative country and a major strategic decision made by the implementation of "thousands of people plan "This important strategic decision is to implement an important starting point. The end of 2008, the CPC Central Committee General Office of the "Central Coordinating Group on the implementation of talent overseas talents plans to introduce views." Under the scheme, mainly around strategic goals of national development in the next 5 to 10 years of innovation as a national key projects, key disciplines and key laboratories, central state-owned commercial enterprises and financial institutions, the introduction of around 2,000 personnel and has focused support a number of breakthroughs in key technologies to develop high-tech industries and emerging disciplines of scientists and leading talent strategy innovation and entrepreneurship in China. The strategic plan referred to as "thousands of people plan." As the "Thousand plan" in-depth implementation of parts of the introduction of high-level overseas talented people have some new moves and big investment, but also achieved good results. According to statistics, as of now, "thousands of programs," attracted a total of 825 personnel, the organization reported 5 batches. In order to better do a good job, "thousands of people plan" related work, will work to recruit overseas talents to a new climax, the Central Organization Department recently issued the sixth batch of "thousands of people plan" to declare the work of the relevant policies, documents, and compared to the first five batches, this policy has the following characteristics: 1, the combination of long and short term, operability strong. In the original "Thousand Plan" Innovative long-term project, based on the explicit introduction of the "thousands of people plan" Innovative short-term projects, under the creative talents of each employer to choose the actual long and short term projects; 2, short-term variable long-term, Flexibility is strong. "Thousands of people plan" short-term project to introduce personnel to apply a full-time after the expiration of the contract back (to China) to work, go through relevant procedures, the short-term can become long-term; 3, the emphasis on the introduction of outstanding young talent from overseas. Developed for young talented people from overseas, "the introduction of overseas talents of young working rules" for outstanding young talent back from overseas (China) provided a rich condition, relaxed policy environment. Introduction of the policy is bound to the construction of young talent fueled backup.