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Asian Games women professional golf tournament live breaking waves for the perso
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The 16th Guangzhou Asian Games golf project 20 games come to an end at the Dragon Lake Golf Club, South Korea is no suspense to reelection four gold medals, successfully defended the Asian golf power status. The host Chinese team gratifying results Chinese women's team in both groups and won the silver medal in individual events, setting a record of the China Golf Asian Games medals, made a historic breakthrough, the Chinese men's team finished seventh to obtain groups. In the Asian Games "escape" of the war, only 14 years old, Yan Jing contributed to start the first round of 69 for the Chinese team won the opener, followed by two to produce 75, 74, the fourth round of the re-delivery 69 out of red, a play Lectra Well-being of South Korean rival Kim Greece, becoming the first woman to win the Asian Games individual event medals golf players in China. Team-mate Li Jia Yun, Lin Xiyu play is to ensure the stability of the Chinese women's team recorded a silver medal, while the two players Individuals fourth and seventh respectively in the years to come. Chinese women's golf for a breakthrough in the Asian arena, most people use the "upset" to describe, but early in the Asian Games before, some industry insiders had predicted, "Me and medal women's team." Interview before the game, three on Market players that there will be breakthroughs is a conservative, "We played out the expected standards. Asian Games is just a game of life, the future awaits us there is more competition, maybe we will re-pitch in the Olympics Wed. "Captain Li Jia Yun said. As for the" big contributor "Yan Jing is not surprising that the medal though, but all too soon, she hopes they can grow and learn and continue to win glory for the country. In order to prepare for the Asian Games Li Jia Yun, Jing Yan and Lin Xiyu took a year, respectively, after the Asian Games, they will return to campus, back to student life. 】 【Behind the scenes Women's Golf Pro Tour fueled Training Before the Asian Games, Asian Games medals in the history of golf in China is only one silver and one bronze in the record, and are from the 1994 Hiroshima Asian Games. Interval of 16 years, the Chinese women's team groups / individuals on the podium again, not only have Players benefit from the personal of family, co-timely availability of high talents and training program selection system as the key to break the Asian Games in China. Personnel training program in the Asian Games, China's only female golf professional tours (China LPGATour) is the national team honed stage combat, and is known as "China's women's golf Grand Slam," said the Chinese Women's Open attract the Shin Ji-yai, Tseng and other international big-name players play at the same time, it is to provide an excellent platform for international operations, the Asian Games campaign for the national team competition has accumulated valuable practical experience. National team's record campaign CLPGA Tour, 14-year-old Lin Xiyu Sanya Open this year, shot 66 in the single-round score, as the only players among the top ten in China, Li Jia Yun in the elite race in Shanghai 2 difference, rubbing shoulders with champions. A year ago, only played 13-year-old Yan Jing won the first 11 China Open, setting a record of China's youngest Grand Slam promotion. As the women's tour's season-ending war, the Chinese women Open will be held in mid-December, held in Xiamen, east golf course, the strength of the Asian Games medal women's team will join the Chinese professional players will strive to local forces to stay in China Grand Slam Cup.