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230 visits from overseas last Pingshan top talent
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Yesterday, the 2010 China International Talent Exchange Conference held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre. Pingshan Organization Personnel Bureau, Economic Services Bureau and other departments and area composed of 13 enterprises Recruiting Mission Careers site. District also hosted the same time, "famous enterprises of talent," high-end talent forum activities, "owned by Yan Feng cream of the crop to" high-end Pingshan personnel exchanges, dialogue and exchange of high-level personnel at home and abroad. The General Assembly, personnel exchanges, Ping Shan District One Pavilion at the Convention Centre, 189 square meters of recruitment layout display area, and 13 companies involved in the exchange area Assembly district were rented in the recruitment recruitment booth. New also introduced a number of new policies to attract talent, and plans to build the headquarters base of small and medium enterprises, scientific and technological achievements into base, entrepreneurial talent from overseas students and the city, culture and design industry business park, "the four bases." New rewarded and also set free millions of subsidy policy, the newly established "Outstanding Contribution Award", "Innovation Award" The total prize money was 100 million. Yesterday afternoon, this exchange of talents, one of the important activities of the General Assembly, "Feng Yan return to cream of the crop" high-end talent exchange activities held in the Ping Shan District. Pingshan study in high-end organization of more than 230 people visited the BYD, Sanofi Pasteur, Hui Cheng Electric, Wal-nuclear materials and other high-tech enterprises, and construction of biomedical accelerator construction site, the field of industrial experience Pingshan development and investment and business environment.