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30 years old forward sprint of 100 thousand yearly salary
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King roc (alias) -- , accumulate ability to earn more more

Fundamental condition: Male, 28 years old, master record of formal schooling, personnel of IT industry technology

High pay recipe: Sufficient knowledge is accumulated, good profession plans

The professional road of king roc is very even, present IT company is in all the time after the Master graduates the job, because the firewood of IT course of study proposes a toast be on each industry firewood all the time,propose a toast the front row of a list of names posted up, from course of study 3 years, king roc crossed 30 years old of yearly salary early 100 thousand yuan team.

King roc is how to acquire this one position, if why realize yearly salary before 30 years old be if why realize yearly salary before 30 years old,100 thousand yuan? This cannot leave him sufficient knowledge is accumulated and good profession plans. Arrive successfully to go up in the person that has preparation only, king roc is done for his success sufficient preparation.

The major that king roc learns in the university is material treatment and automation, when following to make a task together from school teacher, he pays attention to the computer and automation respect to start work very much the education of ability. And it is besides major, king roc still learned to generate strong interest to sale.

Face the intense competition in to apply for a job, king roc is known against a rainy day. Before graduation one year, he often drives the conference of invite applications for a job that attends each IT companies. He says: "Can go up to be able to know company condition not only in invite applications for a job, experience company culture, more important is the program of familiar company invite applications for a job, understanding company needs what kind of talented person, know oneself advantage and inadequacy, can investigate leakage fill a vacancy, suit the remedy to the case early. " this makes king roc is in the do a job with skill and ease when applying for a job formally. With remarkable professional ability and interview skill, king roc took 3 IT company admit an announcement. The course is cogitative, think integratedly after their technical actual strength and development latent capacity, king roc chose the company that assumes office now.

What king roc is engaged in in the company is technical interpreter job, his remarkable English ability and computer major knowledge won post of this high pay for him. Although work to if the imagination is medium,not be full of passion and creativity in that way, a bit as dry as a chip even, add the high pressure that IT course of study works, high strength, a lot of colleagues left a company when the job is less than a year, but king roc did not abandon, in the effort that because succeed,holding to again. Go getting used to company culture besides effort, adjust oneself state of mind, he takes seriously more exercise oneself to bear the ability of pressure. In addition the job that the technology translates also makes he has more opportunity bring into contact with the technology of foremost edge is dynamic, make the professional skill of oneself is able to promote quickly.
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