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Tell you the profession of cannot help doing plans
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This summer, a job is gotten to seek below burning sun when a lot of this year's graduateses and rush about when busying, a batch of college graduate that had been SOHO gens use his experience to tell people, break through groovy obtain employment mode, successful joyance can be brought like, the land of ideal in a way that wants you only transforms -- ,

Can of Zhang Xiao model makes the same score Xie Qi of reporter of N our newspaper's trainee

SOHO is " Small Office Home Office " abbreviate, the person that refer in particular to the free profession of those office is in the home, include person of writer, contributor, free music, painter, beauty to make up, personnel of design of professional player, website, network is chaired etc. They can rule time freely, pursue the job that oneself are interested in, need not worry to be fried squid. The undergraduate strides a school gate to join the rank of SOHO gens directly, is professional program expert how of obtain employment of look upon convention and undergraduate " additional kind of choice " ?

Expert interview

Cheng Liang jumps over a professor: Expert of Chinese profession program, walk into enterprise of many 400 college, close a hunderd schools, more than 500 groom with speech experience. have " the sumptuous dinner that prepares life -- , the gold law that decodes obtain employment and professional development " .

Join SOHO gens in the light of college graduate, and how to plan better oneself professional future, cheng teachs the view that has him himself.

Free profession demand is higher

Write down: At present a few undergraduates just graduated to begin SOHO career, these students apparently not obtain employment, chose a kind actually " free profession " mode, what view do you have to this?

Cheng: Flexible obtain employment is development trend. The undergraduate sets out from his interest, with open network forum, establish the form such as private atelier to solve obtain employment problem, be worth to advocate.

But, these seeing be like " free " obtain employment form, ask to individual quality a bit was not reduced. Contrary, it is in ego of technical requirement, management, seek the market opportunity and communicate the respect such as communication with the person taller to individual demand.

Plan to begin from enter a school certainly

Write down: The analysis thinks, undergraduate " graduation namely unemployed " coach to be mixed not quite with gotten to apply for a job apply for a job time evening is concerned. You feel undergraduate should from when to begin program profession career, when to begin to pay close attention to tendercy of duty field obtain employment?

Cheng: Today's college graduate enters duty field, want to face the industrial environment of intense competition, frequent changes not only, can absorb new knowledge continuously even, be not lifelong employ configuration and route of nonlinear professional career progress with suiting better.
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