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The program lets major is duty field cage no longer
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Small when just walking into our editorial office, there is in the hand " duty field guideline " , the magazine is breaking up " bead bead hot line " this one page, and trimly from which fold for 2. He is very cordial the ground says, the hope undertakes planning for his professional career. Say to be him actually " in the future " professional career program may be properer, because this boy that was born 1983 still is an undergraduate that reading 2 year.

A youth of 20 years old is abrupt between give us to design our future, so the plea that the pressure of arise suddenly yields us to dare not accept him a bit. The road of everybody is the track that adopts his one step by step tread out, ongoing direction is decided by oneself; Accordingly we go out in each periodical " professional career plans " when, hope he is a small compass only; Although cannot tell friends 100 percent the ongoing way in duty field, but can let each friend judge his clearly however at the located accurate coordinate in field of life, society, duty.

Small firm: I have 3 dissatisfactory

Small firm, lukewarm city person, shanghai university is reading 2 grade student, like to read information of invite applications for a job and professional career to plan kind of the press. The undergraduate that intense society competes to had let these have not stride a school gate pays close attention to duty field trends, demand of advertent talent market, how should the road that ponders over oneself seriously to did not come advance.

Small firm consciousness is deep-set and muddleheaded, future is without direction. Phrase can allow a word that his mouth midstream shows very easily others experience is experienced to his.

"I do not like my major a bit. "I do not like my major a bit..

"What industry is better now? "What industry is better now??

"I cannot see what can be done after graduation, I feel very I am sorry parents... "

In minor strong key point oneself have 3 drawback that already cannot change, make he lacks self-confidence, this is: Introvert, do not like oneself major, without interest and specialty.

Small the person that just was introversion of case of one individual character. He is unaccustomed get along with stranger -- attend a party, must understand beforehand meeting will be the friend that be familiar with. And even if this kind of party, time grows, he also is met incommensurate. In his eye, this kind of oneself disposition simply abysmal. "What does indrawn person do to be in an unfavorable situation, I am indrawn person unluckily. I am indrawn person unluckily..

When reading a technical secondary school, small once just was in an ad firm to jackaroo with a few classmates, the company arranges them to learning to run the market, help business. After the exercitation ends, his classmate helped 9 businesses, but he however brushstroke also is done not have. He evaluates this exercitation so: "My disposition does not suit to make the market, when the client asks the price I can feel very factitious. When the client asks the price I can feel very factitious..
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